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Please write to the following email to report bugs: I will reply ASAP.

support AT imhere DOT x10hosting DOT com

I will post here new release dates and known bugs.

15th Nov 2011 v. 1.2.3 released: iOS5 support & retina display: Get it!!
5th Sept 2009 v. 1.2.1 released. Get it!!
1st Sept 2009 v. 1.2.1 in review. It contains lasts fixes.
1st Sept 2009 A small bug has been discovered in v.1.2: the "here" link in the mails sent by the iPhone still contains the old server url: it won't work after 10th Sept. 2009. It will be fixed in the next release: use the link at the bottom for the moment.
1st Sept 2009 v. 1.2 released. Get it!!
30th Aug 2009 v. 1.2 features: Fast map scrolling, e-mail address to get failures on delivery back, new graphic. !! Coming soon !!
29th Aug 2009 Server issue solved for the moment. Please update the app as soon as it appear on the Apple store (v 1.2) this will solve any server issue.
28th Aug 2009 We have some server porblem today. The application will not work because a bad server configuration: I have already opened a ticket to the hosting provider to solve the issue. A new release (v. 1.2) has already been submitted to Apple. This new version will have a server independent mapView, hence server side drawback will not cause problems at application side anymore except for dedicated mail service.
15th July 2009 Photo version Released !! Send the photo of the place where you are to your friends

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